Annabelle Grace Richards (Samantha Fiske)

She’s very excited to be picked but she says with a picture like that how could she be missed! “Life” she says is all about balance, everything in moderation. She lived, loved and lost but all were balanced. Now you’re off balance “missy” and it’s time you sorted your “stuff” out (she wanted to swear but not publicly on the wall she laughs) Why are you dragging your heels, just get moving and get on with your “stuff” do all the horrid stuff first then move onto the good bits. Shes never left your side, any of you, she wouldn’t miss it all for anything and now she can laugh without you getting cross at her. She has a ‘great’ laugh and apparently so do you when you let it out.

Stop leaving jobs half-finished – get them done start to finish please, make a list to be more organised than she ever was and you’ll find your true path – she’s helping you.

She sends love to you and all the rest and all the bits you have done she says “I’m proud” well done, now get on with the rest! Love Mum always x