William Brown (Sheila Hill)

Well what’s all this fuss about, you know you’re strong  and now you’ve got me and your Mum looking after you, but you know a burden shared is a burden halved so remember to share with those who care about you and there are lots. You know it was so good to see my Mum again, I realise how much I missed her and I know you miss us exactly the same.  You know you always did do the right thing, you know I got to love you and yes I lost you , but I get to see you more now, so tell Terry to look out, I’m always watching and no more complaining.

He’s showing me a beautiful deserted beach you are going to very, very white sandy beaches and you are walking along alone pondering as you do, he says when you get there he’s gonna join you on that beach. Take some time out there, get your thoughts together and just  keep breathing. Well you have so much love around you now and fun to be had so no time to be sick, just keep moving forward, no looking back. Your brother needs to lose weight – I’m worried about diabetes for him and it can be avoided. Now your youngest grandchild, well she’s a beauty and she sees me, I keep her busy, well you know you wouldn’t expect anything less would you. Now come on chin up you’re going to be alright whatever happens, we’ve got it all sussed out – all you need to do is breathe and laugh and love all of you. Tara for now all my love Dad X