Adam Finnigan (Margaret Amott)

Wow, you’re good to put me on here, thanks. Not sure about the picture and he gives his cool, shy smile. He likes to be centre of attention but in a subtle way,  he kept his emotions very close to his chest and few people really knew what he was thinking (he is making me work hard). He felt healthy when he passed as ironic as that sounds. Troubles perhaps, but healthy.

I feel like a wedding band is missing from his hand somehow, he really doesn’t want to talk about himself yet, he just wants to check in and say hello. There’s so much to miss, so many people to talk to, yet all he wants to say is take care of my Mum and I love you. He’s quite emotional now but he’s OK and he promises he is in good hands, please make every moment count for him because he couldn’t.

Love to everyone and sorry xxx