Alison Finnie (McCrostie) (Lauren Finnie)

Her smile is infectious and what she loves the most is how many smiles like hers are around. She held on as long as she could, she really tried and didn’t want to leave you all but the breath just wasn’t there. She is still blown away by how remembered she is and thought of by so many, daily – a huge thank you.

I haven’t missed anything really, you all have done exactly what I wanted and hoped – ‘lived’. I’ll always love your Dad, he was my light through the dark and I’m so glad he’s happy. Yes, we wanted to grow old together but at least I got to stay young (she chuckles).

My beautiful girls, how do I speak to one over the other, I just can’t, I’m so proud of you both. You’ve given your Dad a run for his money. I was exactly the same. You don’t conform, I was exactly the same. You try to fix everyone, yip, I was the same. She’s making me look at my wedding ring as if you still have hers, she loves that there is still so much of her around. Please, when you can, travel more, let me see the world through your eyes. I’m always there just like I promised I would be.

I love you all so much, never ever doubt that, I’m there, I’m always there even when you miss me the most, I’m right there, just feel the warmth behind you, you’ll know it’s me.

Please tell Dad, it’s great to get to know his Mum and I’m with my Gran and Grandad, we have great chats. This afterlife is comforting and you hear me and I love that, thank you. Finally stop worrying about the future, focus on right now. That’s what. I had to learn, be present and the rest takes care of itself. Merry Christmas.

All my love, Mum XXX

P.S. Thank you