Antonio Giordano Viduka (Tina Viduka)

Oh thank goodness you picked me, I wasn’t sure how much longer I can hold this cake (he laughs). He tells me that I’m 10 days late ( he passed on 29/11). What a lovely man, loved so graciously, helped so many. All he really wants to do is ask after everyone, he misses you all so, so much.
He knows you know he’s there, it’s OK. Not to worry neither, he is happy and has plenty of people to talk to. No-one can bake as good as me, he laughs. You have all to celebrate, dance, laugh and have fun again, you are all too serious, it’s time to lighten up again. Please make sure you go to the ocean for him, he loves it when you go there.
Thank you for “everything” you do for everyone and he promises to keep singing to you ‘til you meet again. Ciao ciao XX