Thelma Platten (Candi Barker)

She notices I’m pondering and comes across someone who passed away the day before her 2 years later, having attention to detail was very important to your Nan she liked things how she liked them – a bit like you but she says you are a bit more quirky than she was. Speaking properly is important to her – I may even detect a slight English/British accent.

The thing she disliked most about getting old was her eyesight failing – it has always been so good. She says her backache went the minute she passed over, it was a relief as it had never been good! I feel like you need a holiday but are at a loss on organizing something else – she says to relax and go for day trips – maybe to some of her favourite places then you will feel her closer to you and feel better again. She loves that you sent her here “Thank you” and it’s a good picture but a younger one would’ve been better she giggles – Happy Christmas Love Nan