Claire Wilson

Claire laughs at me that I don’t know what picture (of her) I like most – She is very concerned with her son, Leon – he needs to stop worrying and breathe, everything will be fine next year. He must just go along with the original plan and not change too much.
“I did not feel alone at the end, I felt so much love, warmth and total support, it was beautiful – visiting our own funeral is one of the best experiences we leave life with. It was superb to see so many people – people who felt my spirit when I was alive. My darling husband how I could’ve loved you more, I see that now – I did worry too much but was getting better – I love how much you did love me, thank you Felicien my treasure – I am gone but I can see, not forgotten. You are doing too much and trying too hard, it is not worth the pain – be present that’s all that matters for in a flash it’s over and the true journey begins. I will miss our Christmas but not the worry or stress and she laughs but please carry on my traditions for I am watching and loving it all”.
“You must all move on for then I can truly move on too – we will always be in each others hearts for we are all one and now I ‘get it’ finally. Merry Christmas to you all – my love is yours forever”, Claire.
(She feels peaceful, so peaceful and yet alive at the same time, I can feel a roughness in my throat but that was all, no pain, no fear now, just peace) She asks me finally to ask you to have Leon’s eyes tested –yet at the same time remind him “he doesn’t need physical eyes to see me”. She wants me to date this message 21/12/15 like a date is significant for her (I actually wrote 21/12/12 and crossed it out!!).