David Williamson (Danielle Patchett)

He’s laughing at me because I took my glasses off to see him. He has a  great sense of humour, really made people laugh, but quick to state he wasn’t a clown, just had a good clean sense of humour.

He always wore aftershave, important smell clean and fresh he laughs – like it’s a private joke?

You have his eyes, but your jokes suck ha ha ha. Seriously things are looking up aren’t they, finally, its good to see you are doing so well,  you work hard well done!

Your relationship is now happy and he’s glad about that. Everyone’s moving on and about time. Plenty of life happening all around just as it should. He’s sorry, really sorry he couldn’t hang around any longer but when your time’s up, your time’s up, simple as that.

He’s making a reference to a holiday in maybe Greece or similar – go again it will be worth it he promises, this maybe for your Mum if not for you. He is blowing you all big kisses, he has hard working hands (like sausages he says) keep warm, keep those chilblains away. Love to you all Dad X