Darren Freeman (Meryle Maxwell)

Dad, Dad, I’m OK and I really need you to be too. You promised me remember. You gave me a good life, you did your best. The good die young remember, so I must’ve been pretty good to feel this much love.

No you’ll never get over it, I’m your son but what I want you to do is get on with it. Do what you have to do but don’t stop living. I can’t live anymore but you can and I’m asking you to do that for me. Instead of going over all the things you couldn’t do for me, this is one thing you can do.

I was well cared for and I’m really grateful for that, we all suffered – it’s a s**t way to go and to watch and for everyone to live through but we did it. My body had to give up but my spirit is strong just like you Dad. So please Dad, for me, live your best life and I’ll be there every step of the way. I’ll even haunt you in your dreams, I promise. I know this appears like a weird message but someone had to let you know how I see it.

I was so grateful for everything everyone did to help me throughout the whole “drama” – you know I hated dramas and fuss. Anyway, love the tattoo (someone is talking about), love you all and thanks again. I’m OK, I’m exactly where I’m meant to be and so are you. Look after each other for me and celebrate what I did do, not what I can’t or didn’t.

Love you all lots, honest to God I do.