David Haddrell (Caitlin Haddrell)

Oh well here’s a turn up – a lottery win for me and laughs. I feel like his body really fell apart at the end he just couldn’t hold it together. My breathing feels weird too.

He was a good man, he says I’m with Mum now so we’re all happy. 20 years, time has really flown, and look at you! What a worrier you can be, let me do the worrying and you have the fun please. You know life is too short for worries.

I’m so pleased everyone moved on, yet I’m still included – thank you.

He mentions briefly a cog he has now and is taking good care of it.

Enjoy another holiday – he loves them as much as you. Never worry about the past or fear the future, it’s a waste of time – stay in the moment, it’s a gift – that’s why they call it the present (he loves that saying and  wants you to remember it) Love to Mum and everyone, still too many to mention


PS Yes I would’ve loved being a Grandad you’re right!