Franka Music (Sue Chambers)

She wants me to notice she was like me, a Christmas baby, 24th Dec, she thinks she aged well and apart from a little upset in her 40’s, life was good to her. She enjoyed good health mainly, you really are what you eat, she sees that now, 100%. She really wouldn’t change a thing, she’s had lots of time to reflect and loves everything even the challenges.

She’s made peace with her Mum and is very contented and peaceful now. She wants it to be known how much she loves her family, all of them and how loved she felt by all of them. She couldn’t have had enough children, she would’ve always wanted more, more, more. She has a granddaughter who feels the same but it’s much harder nowadays to have a large family and not too acceptable, she smiles.

Ah Christmas, the best time of the year, keep all of those traditions going please, I love watching them. She says she died too young but at least she had her mind and so many wonderful memories.

Whoever is debating moving house needs to just get on with it. They will be so, so glad they did, the location is so much better and there is a new car next year for you too!

This little one she is holding is a beauty now and the others that have followed, well she’s seen them all. Thank you so much for always including me, I love it. You have a dog that knows when she’s around, keep talking I’m always listening – Merry Christmas to everyone, love Mum XX