Gavin Maxwell (Meryle Maxwell)

Oh are you ready now (he jokes with me)

Hello my love, how are you? Sorry I had to leave you behind, you know I always put you first so this was hard for me and still is. I’m glad to see the garden doing so well, it looks good – I think you still work too hard though.

I love how much I’m in your thoughts yet you’re strong enough to keep going – well done Love. What a journey we had and you still do. When will that suitcase be packed? – soon I hope – I need a holiday too. Get away from the cold, you never did enjoy it.

The Grandkids will be fine, you’ll see. Why didn’t you post our wedding picture? At least I had hair then and was handsome -he laughs. He says to remind you whenever you feel sad, go outside with the trees and the birds, then you’ll feel close to him again.

I feel sick in my stomach like he had cancer or he’s with someone who did. (He’s definitely with his Mum and he’s laughing). Love you now and forever, always Me xx