Haydn Curyer (Chloe Sedgman Curyer)

Hey princess, how you doing? He’s laughing, he says, she won’t believe you. Look at the photo, look at your smile, I love you so much and all I wanna do is hold you all close, just once more. One more time ( he’s very emotional). You were a good kid, a handful but a good kid. Make sure you do good at work, the most important part is to love what you do and do what you love.

I’m sorry I left so quickly and early but well, the world didn’t need another grumpy old fart! I think you have his watch but whoever has his watch, try it on just to feel close to him, he loves it. He’s kept busy and is always trying to show you all the signs. He asks you to slow down when driving, leave more time to get to where you are going. And remember, life is the journey, not the destination.

He’s showing me a house and saying, well done, he loves it. He’d keep me chatting all day, he’s awesome but I’d never want to upset him or poke the sleeping bear. He’s laughing. Thank you for remembering all the good times, all of you. I love you (never said it enough)

Dad XX