Jennifer (Jenny) Budich (Tarsh Blacker)

Hello everyone, thank you for thinking of me and putting me on here, it’s great isn’t it. I’ve been trying for a while to get through, you see my signs and you know I’m there and that makes me smile.

So, well done, haven’t you all been busy, it’s great, life has to go on I know that and I am of course, still a huge part of it and if I don’t like it I’ll let you know don’t you worry. I am not in any pain and I’m sorry you had to see or hear about everything but the body has to shut down somehow. I, of course was too young and not ready to go but when it’s your time it’s your time right?

Please live live live, don’t exist, just live, life is very short and the more you embrace it and enjoy it the better. She’s showing me a wedding and won’t and hasn’t missed it.(I think there’s more than one) Look after your Mum, she’s a good person and your Dad, well she laughs, he’s doing the best he can. Give my love and hugs to everyone please even if there is someone who doesn’t like to talk about losing me, hug them too please. Oh I don’t want this to end it’s so lovely to be able to talk again and be heard. I love you all so much, Merry Christmas xxx