Joan Moorshead (Jane Busby)

Oh my goodness, I like this picture, happy days. Do you know she says, she had a good life – yes she did, even with all the little ups and downs and moves – it was a good life. You have her smile and it makes her cry each time she sees you smile – which, by the way is not often enough!


She had a lovely handwriting, she’s making sure I write straight, there’s even a schoolteacher feel about her? She was a very private person and being here is a big deal for her – well, private outside her immediate family and friends. She says you are looking at the glass half empty at the moment and that’s a shame because when you are your normal positive self, there is nothing you can’t do. So please imagine she is standing right behind you because actually she ‘is’ and look at all your worries, the big ones – can you let them go and try something new? Or should you be making lemonade with all the lemons (she laughed and said yes, you can have a gin in that). She loves how much you loved her and how much love you have for everyone, just take this message as a big Mum hug and love ‘just for you’, the others are fine, you just need your old (ha, ha, ha) Mum.


Merry Christmas to you all, it’s so nice to watch the family growing so much. Love to you all Mum X


  1. I thanked her, she is so lovely and bright and bubbly