Stella McKenzie (Joanne French)

I’m finding it hard to breathe and swallow, I feel like she had oxygen at the end  but she doesn’t want to talk about the end – she wants to talk about what a glorious life she had. Yes lots of trials and tribulations but so much love surrounding her. She felt very, very lucky and still does. She notices its July and almost another birthday to remember. She was good with birthdays, always liked a celebration or gathering. She makes me feel like maybe she was from England? She has a couple of dogs with her in heaven she says and seems happy about that. She also says to tell you, you are so organised it makes her so proud – no matter that’s going on you are organised so well done! And you have a daughter just like you. She misses you all but it was her time – 100% it was time, the old girl was tired.  You’ve also been tired recently and she is prompting you to look after your health a bit better please and laugh and smile – that’s her secret to a long life – laugh and smile – be courageous, face the fear and do it anyway but laugh and smile. Give everyone a hug and make sure they all see this message please she says. Thank you, all my love Mum X (she says I can give you one kiss)

PS Oh and your Dad and I are together again at last, thank you!