John Gibson (Lorraine Gibson)

You daft “B****r, you said hello and goodbye to me everyday for over 40 years or was it 50, then he laughs, why would once matter – so stop it – I’m having a good time – I miss you but you’re miserable, was I really that much fun –jeeze! Ok I’ve to be serious so here goes:

Lorraine not a day has gone by when I don’t think of you and pop in to say Hi but being so lost, lonely and sad doesn’t  suit you my love, you really, really have to brighten yourself up, get the house painted like you want, have a big clear out, trust me there is no need for it here so you might as well sort it out now, you’ll feel better and lets face it, it won’t bring me back.

Thank you for all the years, you were good to me and I didn’t always appreciate it but I do now love.

Now when it’s your time to join me I wanna hear all about the fun you had, all the things you did, I don’t want you to still be talking about how much you missed me and how sad you were – I know you missed me and how sad you were. I know that coz I feels the same. I want you to enjoy your life, that’s all there is and please eat better and you will feel better OK?

Well he’s run out of room now ha ha ha so bye for now SMILE

Lots of love