John Hogben (Sarah Corfield)

Hello beautiful, aren’t you a sweetheart, putting me here. Thank you. I wish you could hear me like she is (she being Alice the kind Medium who gives her time for free). He’s such a nice man himself and also gave so much of himself for free.

Don’t worry about anything, just remember if somethings not working out, let it go, nothing matters but the air we breathe. I know that now.

John is such a lovely, kind, caring man. If you cornered him he’d let you know about it but he wished he could’ve lived on too but then again he says I am living on in your memories and hearts and you really see that when you die, more than when you are alive. He’s full of wisdom so whenever you think of him he’ll be there with a sign and a reassuring hug – when you hear his voice in your head, it’s real.

Send my love to everyone, I’m off to have my own party here, so many people I know, it’s just wonderful.

Love you all so much, Merry Christmas X