Rosemary Body (Lyn Presland)

Well aren’t you a lucky one, but to be honest love you could do with some cheering up, so I pushed my way to the front for you. Now you need to get out and have some fun, its been a tough year but have a great Christmas and New Year please – you know I loved Christmas do you think I’ll hang around if you’re sad (ha ha ha she giggles).  I took my time going didn’t I, I didn’t mean to but so much was going on in my head – think it was the drugs you know – kept me alive for too long doctors can interfere too much you know,

Anyway I know lovely Alice doesn’t  have all day so Lyn love, both of you, all of you, “Happy Christmas” I’m fine – happy-relaxed-cosy  and back to my old happy self – phew. Lots of love Mum X

PS Keep asking I’m always listening and always helping. (such a lovely person your Mum what a great start to my day)