Lynnette Dale (Jacq McNeill)

Ooh, I’m in the spotlight, thank you. What a smile I had, gosh I look old and there was me thinking I looked young, she laughs her lovely, soft, genuine laugh. Isn’t modern technology fun? You know the eyes really are the windows of the soul. Look at the windows in my glasses in this picture. She is so funny, never likes talking about herself, always dodging the spotlight.

My family were very good to me, I didn’t want for anything, I was so grateful (and here you are helping them for me). Tell them “Mum’s OK”. I survived death and it’s not so bad, you even see people you never wanted to see ever again. I’m always watching and listening and I wouldn’t like to have to face this virus with you all, just keep your hands’s like the war all over again, just “modern”.

Thank you for doing my hair at the end, I’m very grateful to you. I don’t really know what to say, I miss you all so, so much. There’s plenty going on here so don’t worry about me. Watch what you eat love, it’s upsetting your tummy. Look after each other and hug everyone for me. I’m with you all the time, I bet you even can smell my perfume.

Merry Christmas (Have some pud for me)

Love Mum X