Mary Dawn Monsen (Robyn Dingle)

“I know I was ready to go physically but my heart wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I’m not sure it ever is. I enjoyed most of my life, it’s just hard when the body gives way. You all loved me I know. I loved you all.

This really is a lovely photograph. Thank you. It’s so hard to watch and not be heard. You all hear me, I know you do. Whenever you think was that Mum, you’re right, it was. I love 11:11, I love music, I love your tv dramas. I couldn’t see too well at the end but I heard everything. The smell of flowers was beautiful. The garden, oh I miss the garden. Spend as much time as you can out there and you’ll feel me around”.

I can smell her perfume, it’s lovely. Whenever you smell it she’s giving you a big hug. She’s showing me a big cushion. Maybe you’re hugging it when you miss her. She knows and hugs you back.

She’s meeting up with so many people. She says it’s fascinating.

Please enjoy this Christmas, no masks, lots of hugs and plenty of laughs.

Happy Christmas darling.