Mary Denton (Sandy Bell)

Oh how lovely, she came back to me, this was definitely the right picture to choose, lovely.
Manners were very important to Mary, to be polite is easy to do. She didn’t ever want to ruffle feathers but maybe she did sometimes but it was always to help. All she ever wanted to do was help. She says you need to listen a bit more, you are always trying to keep the peace and fix and sort everyone else out but who listens to you, you have lots of friends but are they really good friends or just acquaintances? She asks that you choose your friends cautiously.
Oh my goodness even from the grave I’m meddling. She misses her life and her garden and the sun! She’s happy and settled of course but misses you just as much as you miss her. Life is very different now compared to how it used to be, you’re doing so well – she’s very, very proud of you. Say Hi to everyone and thank you again for the great send off you gave her. Love always Mum X