Mary Bozkurt (Perihan Bozkurt)

I feel shy, until you get to know me, then I’m a barrel of laughs but not everyone knew that. I could’ve had dyslexia?? She may even have had a stroke because writing this message is really hard, it’s like my brain and hand just don’t work together. I’m so glad you posted this picture of me, how you remembered me – my memory or my mind feels very affected at the end, just towards the end.

She feels quite sad she had to go quite so young but then again no more grey hairs or wrinkles, just forever young – then she laughs, when she laughs, wow she’s so alive, it’s amazing!

Tell my sister, she says, to keep living, you have so much to keep living for and so much more to see and experience, it’s all in front of you right now – so, so ,so much to look forward for.

2019- 2020-2022 travel, weddings, travel, babies, holidays, laughter, maybe a few endings but oh wow, your life, what a story, perhaps it’s time you actually started writing it down!

I love you Sis and I’m forever grateful, thank you for all you do for everyone and that’s my Christmas present to you Angel!

See you one day on the other side but right now I am write by your side

Lots of Love M x