Raymond Templeton (Michelle Lindsey)

Hello nuisance. Of all the pictures you could’ve picked, you chose this one with the silly hat. You were a good “daughter” to me, thank you. Truly, thank you for everything you did for your Mum and Me. I am grateful.

I’ve watched you grow up and I still watch you and it never fails to amaze me what you still get up to. You’ll be old and grey (OK greyer lols) and you’ll still surprise me. Oh and grand-kids, well not to give the game away too much but there’s still more to come. You’ll be grinning like a cat.

You know it’s getting pretty full up here so no more for a while OK! Life’s good now. There’s a few down there still have to get their S*** together but they will, you don’t need to worry anymore, just keep being you please and you’ll keep moving forward.¬†Watch your back, it’s your best friend so treat it kindly please.

Right gotta love you and leave you AGAIN but not really, right! You know I’m always there beside you talking in your ear hole. I’m proud to be your “real Dad”, thanks love. Oh I don’t know how to end this, ‘regards, love, fondest wishes, nothing seems to be able to describe how much I love you, so there said it. Love you lots Dad X