Reg Deakes (Caitlin Deakes)

Oh well I did look my age then didn’t I? Well you know I had a good life, a good innings. I mostly did what I was told and behaved myself. I wasn’t good with words but how I wish I was, he laughs.

‘I like this secretary, she’s very good’. Thank you for everything, you did so much, so much, for us both, thank you. You were always a good girl, well ‘mostly’, he winks. I hope you’re spending your money and time wisely. Life is short, so short, no matter how old you get you pass (snuff it) then it’s done. There’s plenty going on for you still and we’re glad, it’s good to be busy. Just look after your health as well as you looked after ours and you’ll be good.

Celebrate my anniversary please, don’t be sad, I’m much better off now so buy some flowers for you and make sure you enjoy this Christmas. It’ll be hot so stay cool.

I love you and I miss you all.

All my love Dad X