Ross Macmillan (Sheena Macmillan)

Well hello, I’m not very good at knowing what to say he chuckles. Do you see how like me you are now? More than you want to probably. Oh, you looked after your old Dad didn’t you? Your Mum’s awfully upset but well I’ve annoyed her for years so I’ll be in her head forever, he laughs.

He’s amazed at seeing your Gran again, it’s been a very, very long time and it meant a lot to him to see her again. He’s glad it was quick after all, then he didn’t have to look at sad faces for months on end. He says he had a good life, it couldn’t have been any better, he’s content. He wants you to always know he’s around, he’ll always look out for you like he’s always tried to do. You’re young, make sure you do everything on your bucket list.

He was amazed at the turn out, he says everyone was walking, he felt like Royalty. Life’s as good as you make it and it’s too short for anger. He sounds very wheezy in his chest. I feel like his heart, his big kid heart just gave up on him right before his eyes.

Look after each other and “nae mare fighting” ha ha ha.

Lots of love to you,