Anthony Taranto (Tanya Taranto)

Well you have my eyes, I’m happy for that. I feel like he was creative or artistic as I’m holding my pen awkwardly and he doesn’t think my writing is my neatest (maybe he was left handed too) He almost has a teacher energy about him, like he was happy when he was teaching/helping people, he says you are no different. You love being needed and being helpful, but he doesn’t love you being  taken advantage of and that’s what’s been happening. “Come on, get yourself together” You know you can reach for the stars so why are you stuck orbiting the Earth. You can do this, get it finished and move forward, start living and STOP hiding. Who cares what anyone says behind your back, if they can’t say it to your face then more fool them and its obviously not worth knowing. Your heart needs this, your loving self is screaming at you to do this, Hell I’m screaming at you to do this. Now get moving, then in October you are the butterfly, you can break from the cocoon and move forward. YES October.

You love this spiritual stuff – makes me laugh but it is so good for you, do it EVERYDAY, it’s the one thing that will move you forward.

Please give my love to everyone and tell them to start behaving because I’m watching and he smiles – Great photo by the way but glad the moustache has gone now “ha ha ha ha!”

Love you to the moon and back, when you see the stars on a clear, clear night you can feel me close shining bright for my family. Love Dad X

( I think you used to call him something else?) PS You’ll be OK financially too.