Terry Hill (Sheila Hill)

“Hello my love, I’m glad you picked this picture. I look happy and I was. I was in one of the most beautiful places on earth with all the people I love”. “I love the ocean”, and he daydreams in my head for a minute.

My iPad, although fully charged, just crashed. He laughs it’s his fault as he had a love/hate relationship with technology.

He misses you all very much but loves that you know he’s around. His daughter brings huge tears to his eyes. She’s been doing so well and has so much more to do. He loves everything she’s doing except when she can’t be bothered or grief takes hold. Then he tries hard to get her up again. His son needs him right now and he will do his best.

“Watch the colour in the hall. It might be too white”, he laughs.

“As for you my darling, what an adventure we’re on now. I’m with you everywhere, you are never, ever on your own I promise. I like hanging out in my shed and he thinks you all know that. Give the girls a hug and ask them to never stop talking to me. I love it.  I am always busy and can do so much more and see much more than I could when I was alive. I’m sorry I had to go but ‘till we meet again know that I’m always with you, always.

Thank you all for a wonderful life.

Merry Christmas XX