Zakk Boam (Tracey Boam)

God, how does this work, he says?! Oh, you read my mind, like when Mum came to see me, OK. Well firstly, I’m not in a box, I’m free – really, really free. I just can’t explain it, it’s so different to what you expect, but yeah, I’m free. Sorry about the quick departure but least I don’t have to worry about losing my hair (he laughs).

Tattoo’s, you guys are nuts but “thanks”. Thanks for absolutely everything you did and are still doing. I never appreciated you nearly enough so really, thank you.

Dad, you have to look after the girls now. I know I was supposed to but, tag, it’s you again. Make sure you just have fun, try the things I liked, go to all the places you know I would’ve gone. Please go to Uluru for me, it’s got amazing energy and you’ll feel close to me. Maybe leave a momento of me there too, it’s the heart of Australia so leave some of my heart there too.

Thanks again, from my heart to yours

(sorry) Zak XXX