Tim Budich (Trudy Hume-Phillips)


Well maths was never was my strong subject, he’s referring to how long it took me to work out his age! I instantly felt like I could connect a car crash to him, like life around him was there one minute and gone the next and actually that sucked. The head lights are so bright and it felt dark and perhaps even raining? He left behind so many good friends and a girlfriend even, but he definitely felt he left his life behind. He’s OK, he’s content with it all but wow what a journey and a shock for everyone, but it was such a long time ago now, sorry about that. Thanks for taking care of Mum, he’s crying when he thinks of Mum but knows he’ll see her again – in fact he will see all of you again but well, life has to go on. She talks to him often – he says, can you tell her I often sit with my arm around her, comforting her. So to all of you, thanks for always thinking of me and including me. I love you all heaps and to get to say Happy Christmas this year is awesome – so Happy Christmas, have the best time, I love you and I’m still proud to be part of an awesome mad family.

Love Tim XX PS Please celebrate my 50th birthday