Who is Alice?

Who is Alice?

Alice Terry is a medium of the highest order. She has an extraordinary gift but has never lost sight of the fact that she is also an everyday working Mum. It is that everyday “ordinariness” that people love and respond to. 

Alice unwittingly realised that she had a gift when she was 7 years old – her Grandfather had recently passed but she could still smell his tobacco and hear his voice. Her journey from that moment has been full of learning – physical abuse, bullying, ridicule for her gift, divorce, love, children – even earthquakes. All these experiences have made Alice who she is today and have provided her with empathy and an exceptional ability to help others. 

Alice creates life changing experiences through her loving connection with spirit and those who have passed over.  She offers private readings & healings, live mediumship demos, guest speaking and her own intimate intuitive & personal development workshops. People can find a deep sense of comfort after years of being unable to move on following the death of someone close, others are now full of inspiration from re-connecting with their dreams, discovering what their life could be or which path they could follow.  Alice provides a source of inspiration to everyone she meets every day, following her calling of teaching “life is all about love”.

To find out more about how you can find inspiration and healing with Alice please see her website www.aliceterry.com

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