Shane Edwards

Hey Kez – that’s the best picture you could find, me acting like a big kid, with 4 of my favourite kids – oh yeah wait I am a big kid, great call! So how’ve you been – he laughs – still growing- (he laughs like he is poking fun at your height)
Its too clean here he says, I miss getting greasy and dirty, not enough tinkering to do – Seriously how’s the old man? I watch him so I know the situation is up and down but much better than he was I know.
Geez the kids are growing fast – see I don’t miss a trick – I just miss them so much, I miss you all so much. It looks like so much has changed – just don’t let it change you two please, you guys together are what matters – so no more heated discussions or I’ll have  to come and sit on your bed and freak you both out.
You know, I know you lost me but I lost ALL of you too – it does suck – but look coz you know my Secretary “The Happy Medium” (she’s laughing at me) I get to say hello again and remind you ALL that however tough it is you are not alone.
Inspite of the setbacks, well done you gusy, gutsy move, but not before time. If you think this year has been busy look out! So Merry Christmas – keep Santa alive and tell them I said “Hi from heaven” don’t forget to toast me, I’ll be watching – (he is making me feel like he liked Coke and JD or something similar – not the taste I want at 7 a.m.)
Merry Christmas XXX
PS (hey secretary) Tell my Sis to stop worrying so much, she’s a worrier, there’s nothing to worry about now it’s all good.