Adam Gammack (Gill Gammack)

Well I’d have been 30 now, do you feel old Mum? My soul just wasn’t ready I’m afraid, I was ready to have you in my life but not the way you imagined, you see I’ve seen so much more this way and learned so, so much more, it’s been amazing for me. I’m sorry it’s been harder for you, but deep down you knew that didn’t you?

You’ve lived and are living a good life and I love watching and being part of it. Having me on here is amazing, thank you, all of you! My eyes are like yours but my colouring is still my Dad’s.

I would’ve been short lols, yes I would’ve but hey who cares, I’m part of everything now and I love it. He makes me feel the deep connection we all, as human beings have, it’s actually amazing. He’s an amazing soul that one day you will be reconnected to.

All my love to you all

Adam, first of many XXX

P.S. Happy Christmas