Alison Dewar (Gail Henderson)

You had to post this photo, really !!

I know I’m laughing, always laughing again, it’s good to laugh again. She has just made me look at the date she passed and if it isn’t 3/12/2012. She’s laughing at my excitement as the day this is for is 3/12/2021. She says you are always looking for a sign and here is a big one that she is with you all the time.

She says she was hard on you growing up but it’s all she knew, she always loved you, even when you drove here mad. She mentions your teeth? Maybe you need to get them sorted or if you have then she knows. The children keep coming, kids, Grand kids, Great Grand kids – she sees them all so don’t worry. Every Christmas since left is bitter sweet but she’s glad you remember her and celebrate at the same time. There’s lots of moving going on around you, just keep smiling, it’ll all be fine

Love to everyone Mum X

P.S. – No, of course I’m not on my own, where else would your Gran be?