Alan Dorrington (Bethany Dorrington)

My iPad opened with this face smiling at me, huge picture. It made me laugh and he wants you to laugh too. You are always smiling like him or rather when you do smile you are so like him.  He loves it. He can’t believe he’s old enough to be a Grandad now.

He loves your Mum, always has, no matter what. He’s calmed down a bit (yeah right). A few people have joined him but he still loves hanging around you. Every time you wonder, he says you’re right. He hasn’t missed a thing. Every decision you’ve made has been well thought out, even the “choice” decisions.

Someone is building a house. He loves the idea and concept. It’s perfect.

He has a dog with him and it still makes him sneeze.

Love you always,

Dad XX

PS Never ever stop laughing and having fun!