Alan Lynch (Kelly Lynch)

This lovely man’s eyes grabbed my attention and the child on his lap – he’s so proud and she’s so comfy there, not bothered, chilled, easy going. He has made me look at what she’s holding, it looks like an ornament to placate her whilst she sits with him.

He didn’t say a lot but when he did – wow he was interesting, he was actually a very clever man who tried lots of things before he truly knew what he wanted – he says that really took a lifetime and he laughs. He loves seeing you laugh and smile but it doesn’t happen often enough. So can you show your dimples just a little more for him. You are considering making changes – he’s coughing now, it sounds like a smokers cough but not sure it is but he definitely had trouble with his lungs a lot of his life. He’s disappointed how spread out his family became – he liked it in the olden days when you could rely on family. He wants you to know financially you will be OK, he knows it’s tough but he promises me you have an ace up your sleeve that no-one, not even you saw/can see coming and you will be as wealthy and happy as you keep dreaming of, but in order to get that/there, it’s important to keep living and really living. You will all be taken care of and exceed all your dreams and aspirations – he has just flashed a lady in uniform with a lot of gold around it.

He watches you and when you are stuck for words he tries very hard to give you courage and strength to speak up, he knows this is hard but promises it will get better. You feel like he has missed so much but actually he has had front row seating and loves what you do. You haven’t chosen an easy life but you keep being positive and moving forward he says again – it will get better and better – stop rushing things and trust yourself. You are a lot like Dad’s side of the family, more than you realise and they are always successful and never give up!

He has a really nice smell, very fresh but I can smell smoke, he just used to disguise it. He loves the family tree and urges you to keep going – he is helping you. He feels happy yet frustrated at his own children, yet impressed with all his grandchildren, like they are doing and will do even better. He finishes by saying – stop listening to other people/family, they don’t know you nearly as well as you know you – he’s laughing but then you know that.

Now go have the best years of your life now, right now whilst it counts. Love to all my family of course and thank you for always thinking of me.

P.S. You have no ears! Lols XXX