Alan Thomas Hopkins (Penni THompson)

Alan is quite direct and a little bossy but actually in a really good assertive way. He says that you need that right now. You need some emotional support that stops you worrying quite so much. He sees now just how young he was, he only wishes he’d been able to make more of it. He wants you to know he loved you, more than you ever knew and he’s sorry if it didn’t show.

He’s with his Mum and Dad and that’s been good for them all to reconnect. Don’t let the love fade in your heart Penn, you need to do what makes you happy everyday. Life is too short for regrets. You will travel again but for now, just focus on getting better. Eat well and exercise and most importantly look after your mental health, only have friendships that are in your best interest, it’s got to be all about you!

Happy Christmas,

Get well soon

Love A X