Alan Tilbury (Beth Tilbury)

Is this really your favourite picture of me, what was I thinking? I’m teasing, it’s great, thank you.

Well, where to start, it went dark and I felt cold and then it was like the blood came rushing through me again but it was too late. I was away. It’s very peaceful when you pass, you need to know that.

So life is crazy right now. Did you know it’s up to you to slow it down whenever you like, I mean seriously, you can. It’s as easy as breathing. When you slow things down, funnily enough life slows down. Amazing huh! I’m so proud of you, please don’t think that I’ve missed a thing because I haven’t. You’ll move house one more time and I’ll move with you but this time you’ll be really settled.

Remember I always loved you, just never really said it enough. Thanks for understanding and always talking to me and being the peacekeeper. You have such a bright future ahead, please stop worrying, you’ve totally got this.

Merry Christmas,

All my love, Dad X