Alasdair Kerr (Yvonne Kerr)

As I’m typing this he says ‘young’ husband and laughs, cause he’s not going to get any older! Life is pretty cruisey for you he says and that’s exactly what he wanted, no worry and stuff and nonsense. I feel sick and have a funny taste in my mouth, it’s not nice. He doesn’t love the hot weather and neither do you but you’ll cope.

Life goes on and so do you and it’s good, he loves all the changes you’re making, spending his money and he winks at me, he’s trying to make you feel guilty but he’s also got a tear in his eye that he’s missing out on it all too. The grandchildren are grand, he loves them all and loves how much fun you have with them. He asks you to keep cooking and cooking with them, you enjoy it so much so make sure you keep doing it. He’s suggesting you have a flower bed where you can pick flowers and they can be from him everytime you bring them in the house. He should’ve bought you more flowers and been a lot more silly than he was. He never really got a chance to enjoy retirement and that sucks so the pressure is on you now to make sure you do, so make sure you DO. Work life balance and remind our daughter of that too! Life is just so quick and enjoy every minute.

Thanks for the toast, every celebration I hear you in your head and I miss you too you dafty. I always have your back but please keep trusting your instincts, you can’t go wrong if you do, ‘cause you got this far.

Merry Christmas my love and he’s giving me the biggest smile, then he ask me a question for you, Did you find it yet? He says she’ll know, don’t worry!