Aldo Pelliccioni (Rosanna Drallini)

Yes, yes, here I am, modern technology, I like this.

You can keep the flowers for you now. You’re a good girl, you drove me mad, lots of laughs but we had fun. I did the best I could for you all. I hope it was enough, I think it was.

I’m a bit baffled by the to’ing and fro’ing but I know you’ll work it out, just take one day at a time, you’ll get through this. Now tell me, when is the wedding? He’s showing me what looks like a vineyard that he loves or maybe he loves where you live.

He’s such a light hearted, happy man, he was confused at the end but not anymore, it’s all sorted out now. Christmas is a very happy time for him and he loves the family getting together. He’s just blown you a big kiss with his hand and a wave to the baby/toddler who watches him. Keep cool this summer, please get the air conditioning serviced, it needs it. Love XXX