Aliah Schwirse (Melissa Mazzeo)

Hey Mum/Guys, Surprise,

Happy Christmas, what you buying me this year? Sorry I broke your hearts when I was taken, it was a shock to me too really. Do you remember how I loved life when I was little? Well, every day is like that here but then I feel how much you miss me and I try so hard to hug you all and send signs. It’s never your imagination, it’s always me.

I’m not really sure what to say. Please celebrate my 21st, even just with a cupcake and a candle, I’ll still be there wishing I could taste it.

My room’s dusty. You can change it and clean it anytime you like. I’ll still be there (haunting you and everyone). I love being on this wall, it’s like everyone gathers together when she (Alice) starts, we’re all getting to know each other on this special online cemetery, it’s cool, perfect for me right!

OK better go,

Love you – Remember Happy Christmas, not sad Christmas A XXX