Alice Moses (Gemma Palfrey)

How could I not pick her with such a great name!

Hello, hello, she says. It’s been a long time. She loves that you put her on here. She feels very up with the trend. She never liked to think she was old fashioned. She liked to think she moved with the times. How the times have changed. Wow!

She has so many family members and pets with her but she still checks in on you all. She still loves Christmas and all birthdays and anniversaries and she loves that she is still remembered so often by so many.

She’s a Great Nanna now and loves that. Even her name lives on and that makes her happy too!

She’s talking about a yellow room that she sits in often? She is still a shoulder to cry on, always and promises she’s always listening.

Give her love to everyone and keep smiling and moving forward. You can’t go back so make tomorrow count.

All my love

Nanna XX