Alice Brown (Derek Brown)

She starts off by saying, only 8 years, that’s not long at all, 8 years. She LOVES this picture as much as we all do, it reminds us all to be happy.

Well you’re certainly happy at the moment, thank the Lord. It’s about time, she laughs. You gave me a lot to worry about or so I thought but in fact you gave me a lot to be grateful for too. I’m so happy to be with my Mum and Dad, you know we actually were a close family, I missed my Dad a lot, we all did. Just like you miss your Dad, yes I know you do, well of course he’s here.

Take care of the blood pressure of yours.

I’m sorry I lost the words and thoughts, I really wasn’t myself but I am now. Look after your sister now won’t you, go visit her as soon as you can, you two should be together. Everything is working out exactly as it should so don’t worry. I made you a worrier, sorry about that.

I love you all so much, always did, just had a bit of depression for a while but then I was OK. Losing your sister hurt me but it was also good for us both and I am so proud of both of you, no favourites.

Merry Christmas to you all

Mum (& Dad) XX