Alice Brown (Sheila Hill)

Oh Hello! Well isn’t this nice. All the family back together again for Christmas, except Beatrice, that’s a shame but oh my she’s 80 now! I keep an eye out for you all the time Sheila, it’s the least I can do, we may have had our differences but I still loved you just as much as your brother. Your Dad is still keeping me busy. It was a shame things got so hard at the end for him and your brother. I was fine but it’s everyone else who suffers. I’ve got all my brothers and my ‘Dad’ with me again and it’s lovely, just like old times. June will be a good month for you next year, you’ll all be on top form. It’s been a hell of a year but you’ve got the strong genes in you. Derek will be happy again. I can see that now so don’t worry. There’s still health issues around but they’re all managed finally. I’m glad I’m not there in that heat but you are right, Dad would’ve loved it and we should’ve stayed. Thank you for looking after my things, well your things now!

Your Dad says to say stay out of mischief and he prefers your hair now – but what colour will it be next PINK or WHITE. He’s never, ever far away from you, when you need him most he’s there watching everything and he’s always trying to make you laugh. There’s plenty time for you to join him so keep living – he loves watching the waves with you. All our love to you all Mum and Dad xx


Happy Birthday she says “Happy Birthday Lass” oh she says we are top heavy here just now there’s no room for anyone else just yet so you tell him to stop worrying.

In fact you can all stop worrying – she’s showing me Uluru like you might be going there soon – it really is her landmark for Australia.

She says your Laura is beautiful – what a gentle soul and tell her I get to hear all her songs all the time and I’m always in the front row watching her. Of course I’m praying with my great grandchildren, why wouldn’t I be? Your Dad’s tormenting them I’m playing with them – she loves the teacups and tea parties Vivienne does – Andrew is so like us all – well, all the good bits he even has Grandad Cooper in there, you’ll see.

Keep cool it’s gonna be a hot slog ‘til May. So remember that for all your travels.

I’m, no we’re, so happy (Dad’s corrected me) that you have so much family around you now – just wish it was us too. She says you should melt down her jewelry  and make some bits you can leave behind. Look after you’re back, lass, get a massage please – you’ve been carrying so much a few massages will help you feel better. Thank you for listening I love you all, all the time. Have a good Christmas, please. All my love Mum x

(this is my Aunty Alice who I am named after and she was named after her Granny. My relatives who do follow me never encroach on me to give them messages so it is a lovely day today to hear from my favourite Aunty – she is in my room all the time and she helped me to become the Medium you know today x)