Dennis Burns (Alice Terry)

Denise, now listen to your old Dad, stop worrying about things you can’t change. I’m proud of you and I’ll be at the wedding along with your sister and that’s all that matters. I wish I was there, I’m not sure what I could do but at least this silliness would be over. She’s a strong woman who raised strong women and I’m so proud of both my girls.

The boys are doing great, sorry young men in fact, you’ll be a Granny in no time at all, that makes us all smile. He’s with a cousin he was close to and she has tears in her eyes when she sees everything she missed, they both do but he then says, we had Disneyland and that was terrific. Have a Mochaccino for me and I’m always whistling at you.

All my love, Dad X


Happy 60th Derek, I’m glad your happy pal. Look after your heart, you only get one, I should know. I miss you all but I am immensely proud of you all. I’m glad you’re happy. Mum wishes she could be with you and actually so do the girls.

And guess who wants to say hello! Alan, imagine that after all this time. He knows you think about him often. He loves the laddies especially the oldest, he’s just like you. Have a drink on us all.

Love Dad X


I have lots of people think you’re so lucky being a Medium and you can talk to your loved one’s all the time. It doesn’t really work like that, I mean yes I can but I’m so busy helping others sometimes I forget – so today is for my brother, it’s his birthday and I haven’t seen him for about 10 years. So please Derek read Dad’s message:

“just for your old Dad, go on” He doesn’t like that we are all so far apart but he’s lucky he gets to see us more now. He’s not sure about the heat or beer in Dubai but he loves the exotic plants you get. He wants you to look after yourself and stop feeling guilty, you’re exactly where you want to be and that’s terrific he says. I don’t like heights but you’re managing. He says Darren will be out to see you soon, you’ll see. He says have a piece of cake for him, he misses the homemade baking. He’s flabbergasted at how much we all still think about him (makes his eyes water) Alice has her rose garden, Denise sings for me and you always toast me when it counts – every birthday too. There’s a baby coming – Grandad – don’t miss out too much Derek and take the pills all of them, when you are supposed to not just when you remember. Have a nice day Derek and well done! Love Dad.



“Whenever there is a song in your heart know I am smiling at you all, I am prouder than ever to be a Burns and to see how far you have all come even without me, I wanted to be the best Dad and did my best, the best I knew how,  you are all great. I miss your Mum but I know she’s ok, and she knows I’m ok. I still get nagged even in heaven – its been an eye opener and great reunion, all the Roberts were waiting for me I’m just sorry I had to ruin the Birthday. Keep the music going and I will always be around. Till we meet again, till we meet again  –  and know that we will, love DB Xx”