Alphonse Abbruzzese (Anthony Sterpin)

Well, Well, Well, would you look at this; never in my day. I have to say, I’m impressed.

You’ve been busy haven’t you? Lighting up your corner of the globe. I’m so proud, I just had to tell you. You’re essentially a good man then, he laughs. I like his big heart, he’s great big, huge heart. It was sad for everyone when he passed, it left a gap in everyone’s heart and still does.

Now 2020 – get clear and get sorted, month by month, it’s all moving fast after mid-January but delegate (he uses an Italian word for quick). He thinks it’s funny that you don’t realise how alike you are. He’s very impressed with everything, work wise, you are doing, it’s a great life achievement – his genes, he laughs. Your personal life is finally getting back into balance and he’s so thankful for that – well done.

All the generations that follow him are all so different and yet so similar at the same time. We all keep making the same mistakes yet each time we can learn a little more.

Keep up the good work this time and you’ve done a great job with Mum – let me take it from here, there are lots of people waiting for her – you know that and so does she and it’s better late than never.

After all there is only Amore o affetto


P.S. This man has the biggest, warmest heart and so do you, you’re just careful with it!