Andrew Bennett (Vanessa Bennett)

Can you see me?  I’m still here waiting. I’ve spent all my life waiting for you and I still am and I still will. But, you need to get on with things. I know you and you are and that’s great.

This is such a cool photo and such a great memory. I know I wasn’t perfect and there was so much more I could have done but you know what, we tried, we really truly did and I’m so glad we tried together.

This brings a boy into my mind, his son? I know he has more but this son is so like him. He has tears in his eyes. He’s so sorry he left you to it. Thanks for being gorgeous you, he says. He wants you to know he is completely out of any pain. He feels as alive as he looks in this picture. Look for the orbs everywhere you go and you’ll know I’m still enjoying all the things we were going to do. I think he has a daughter too and she’ll feel left out if he doesn’t say Hi.

Love you all more than you can ever imagine. Give Mum a hug for me.

All my love.

A x