Andrew Wren (Louise Timms)


Hey Hey Hey! There you are! Now where’s that smile? Come on you know you can. (My son just brought me a glass of water and was asking me who he was and did his family know he was OK and it was great that I was helping). Your brother waited patiently smiling, I have a feeling that not only was he a big kid but he loved kids too.

He’s laughing at the rain in the photo and saying he could do with some of that at the moment.

I feel sick like I had cancer or I’m surrounded by someone who did. He feels like he still tries his best to see everything and everyone. You are so busy he says, he finds it hard to keep up!

Christmas again, he rolls his eyes – keep on doing what you’re doing Sis, you’re doing a great job and I’m so grateful to you for being the kind, cranky, loving sister you are to so many people – Jeez, it blows my mind. I love that I’m on here twice, twice the charm.

So Merry Christmas to you all, he gently mentions “Mum”.

Thanks and for God’s sake enjoy life, before you know it you’ll be here with me again and I’ll be bugging you again.

Lots of Love,

Drew (?)