Elsie Swain (Angie Milner)

Well look at us, Oh I loved  you, you were such a spirited wee thing,  you know you still are just not as often. You’ve had some ups and downs and I promise I’ve been there through them all, but (wink) you know that. It really is time to stop  worrying about everyone else and start looking after you, you are so busy keeping everyone else happy you forget about you, well I’m not having that anymore, you just listen to Nan,  put you first everyone else can and will wait – too easy. You never ask for help, yet here I am giving you it freely please ask for help, help with little things not just at work but at home too OK. As for home, shake it up a bit, change, re decorate, but do something, why?  Why not, you are worth it and all the clutter or mess around you or in cupboards is what’s going on inside. No you’re not a mess but you could put yourself first more even with friends. I miss you so much but we will meet again

Nan xxx