Angus Jolly (Dorothy Ridley)

Hello my love, well I had to shout pretty loud to be heard, but here I am. How are you? He had a very good sense of humour and I think he’s taking the micky out my accent and trying to trick me! He says things have definitely shifted since he left. You’re doing fine, do you know that, really good and  you look great. You still don’t give yourself enough credit for all you do and you still don’t give yourself enough time either. I was sad to leave, really sad but I’m not sure I realised just how good I had it ‘til I was gone. He misses his music so keep playing it – OK he says just the ones you like are fine, but please bring some love and life back into your life. You are a lot better than when I first passed I’ll give you that. See even a compliment too, but just keep going, you have got lots to do yet so keep having fun and no feeling guilty. Love you to the moon xx